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Handmade wooden meadow flower bouquet

Handmade  Wooden Meadow Flower Bouquet

Inspired by the beautiful wildflower meadows of Devon.


This handmade meadow flower bouquet is the perfect gift for your 5th wedding anniversary. 

Each flower is individually handmade from coppiced hazel using a traditional draw knife and shave horse. They are then brought to life with eco-friendly watercolour paint to replicate the colours of our local wildflower meadows.


Stems can be easily cut to any length for your display and will be wrapped in natural hessian.

Your bunch will contain 8 flowers; 1 campion pink, 2 cornflower blue, 1 scabious mauve, 1 yellow daisy, and 3 white daisies.

Handmade Wooden Meadow Flower Bouquet

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