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wooden shelves fitted with decorative lattice cast iron brackets

Wooden shelf with decorative cast iron Jali lattice brackets


Beautifully handcrafted rustic wooden shelf with decorative lattice metal brackets

The handmade wall-mounted shelf exudes a rustic charm, crafted from natural wood that showcases its rich grains and textures.  The natural finish allows the warm, earthy tones of the wood to stand out, making it a perfect addition to any space aiming for a cosy, natural aesthetic.

Supporting the shelf are intricately designed lattice-style metal brackets. These brackets are made of sturdy metal, ensuring stability and durability The lattice pattern is both functional and decorative, with a crisscross design that creates a sense of lightness and openness. The metal has a matte black finish, strikingly contrasting the warm wood and emphasizing the handcrafted nature of the piece.

The overall design of the shelf is a harmonious blend of rustic and industrial styles, making it a versatile addition to various interior decors. It combines the natural beauty of wood with the intricate craftsmanship of metalwork, resulting in a piece that is both functional and visually appealing.

Shelf Depth 17 cm 

Shelf lengths   40 cm 50cm  60cm  70cm  80cm 90 cm 100cm

Wooden Shelf With Cast Iron Jali Lattice Brackets

  • Fixings

    These lovely shelves come ready to display 

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